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Ten Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me

  1. I spent five years travelling, returning home at the end of 2020. For three of those years, I house- and dog-sat around Europe and the UK.

  2. I've had several careers: nurse, sales representative (in the medical industry), CEO, post-grad student, executive business & management consultant, coach, writer.

  3. I've jumped out of planes, at several thousand feet, about twenty times. And none of this tandem business - we didn't have that then. I had an old-fashioned round parachute I had to open myself.

  4. I've bungy-jumped, from the original AJ Hackett bungy in Queenstown.

  5. I've flown gliders.

  6. I have a dog called Harry, and he's extremely cute.

  7. I live in Paradise, in the Bay of Islands in the Far North of New Zealand.

  8. I practise traditional flax weaving.

  9. I always have to spell my last name to people.

  10. I'm vegetarian. Technically pescatarian. Getting close to being vegan though. Apart from the fish. Can you be vegan and eat fish? Okay, I know you can't.

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