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Peer Writing Group



This is a weekly group for graduates of my online writing course. Others may join if they are experienced writers or completing the writing class concurrently.


Format, day & time. Live via Zoom. 

  • UK/Europe: Saturday evening

  • US/Canada: Saturday afternoon

  • NZ/Australia: Sunday morning 

Focus. Working together to be better writers.

1. Group. Building a like-minded community of writers and authors, supporting each other in their learning and development. 

2. Completion. You'll set regular writing goals and we'll check in on these from time to time, with a focus on encouragement and problem-solving to get your book written, edited and published.

3. Application. Taking the basics and making them real for your book.

4. Learning. Presenting and exploring new lessons in writing. (Any new material added to the introductory class will automatically be fed into this group.)

5. Problem-solving. Revealing areas for improvement and helping you develop them.

6. Review & Editing. Utilising and building the group's collective wisdom to improve your writing.

7. Publishing. Celebrating and supporting each other's books.


US$275 for 6 months. (Approx. NZ$400, GBP200) 

A monthly payment system may be made available in some cases.

Please email Sue at for more information.


Sue has created a relaxed and welcoming space in which to learn, develop, and hone your writing skills. She is incredibly skilful at both encouraging creative flow and editing out the word weeds. Her ability to intuit where the book wants to go, as opposed to where the writer is fixed on taking it, is magic. Grateful to have experienced this invaluable class.

Nikki, Scotland

I first became aware of Sue from Facebook and began following her because I appreciated her sense of humor. Her tips about writing and reminders of her writing class tickled something far in the back of my mind. Eventually, I reached out to Sue and took her writing class, which helped me get back into writing and dust off a story I started writing ten years ago. 

I enjoyed the class so much, and was motivated to write again, so I decided to join her critique group. The weekly critique group has quickly become a highlight of my week. It is motivating and holds me accountable to deadlines, in a gentle way. The feedback and support from the wise women in this is invaluable and validating. They are such a kind and caring group, and Sue is the leader. She gently, but honestly cuts to the heart of the issue at hand and helps us each work through our own journey and is endlessly encouraging. I am so thankful to have found Sue and this group of writers that she nourishes.

Cris, Minnesota


It is a "greenhouse laboratory" where both the novice and the seasoned writer can grow and flourish. It is safe and supportive group. Interaction amongst us provide stimulating dialogue and resources, led and effectively nourished by Sue. I feel fortunate to have "bumped" on to it from the Boston area USA, because the love I have for the word and that I'd like to bring my story into the daylight. The group process has been pivotal in to my finding my path and voice to proceed with confidence and towards my path in reaching my goal. If you have a story the world can be benefited from, it is your responsibility to share it. Oh, and the pricing is unbeatable for what I've gained. Thank you Sue for making it affordable and thus possible to move forward with the dream!

Teddy, Massachusetts


The Peer Writing Group is a wonderful experience for any writer. Sue Fitzmaurice has joined a group of writers, who have not only become friends, but confidants and sources of endless inspiration. This group has taken the idea of writing my mother’s cookbook and memoir into a dream, and ultimately into a work of art. The combination of Sue’s gift to simplify the words we use to complicate our stories and the feedback from our fellow writers is miraculous while being both humorous and enlightening. I simply cannot put a monetary value on the confidence this gives me and the trust we have all earned together by exposing our vulnerabilities in a safe environment. This is the best decision I made to create my dream. I have found an editor and publisher I trust.  That is priceless. 

Cindi, Colorado

Being part of the Rebel Magic Peer Writing Group has improved my writing in many ways. Having a scheduled date to present a piece of writing to the group strengthens my accountability. The group gives suggestions about form and content, points out my blind spots, and offers encouragement in a safe, supportive, and honest manner. . As moderator, Sue Fitzmaurice provides advice on our writing as well as topics like dealing with writer’s block, impostor syndrome, and what books to read. As important to me, it is interesting and just plain fun to have a diverse group of friends from around the world. We come from different backgrounds and are writing on different topics and in different styles and genres. Reading other people’s pieces and participating in discussions around them informs and enriches my own writing. We all look forward to our weekly meetings as a way to learn and connect.

Jennie, Iowa 

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