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REPUBLICANS & THE RICH - Their 40 year plan to rob America ~ Steven Godby

Give an oligarch an inch and he’ll take a hundred miles.

A rich man, a poor man, and a middle class man have ten cookies to share. The rich man takes nine, and blames the poor man for the fact that the middle class man only got one. It’d be funny if it wasn’t true. In fact, it’s much worse.

Under the guise of supporting the second amendment and the over-turning of Roe v Wade, the ultra rich – via their agent, the Republican party – have systematically removed every public support and safeguard they can get their hands on. And their voters – working class Americans most affected by those attacks – have given them free rein.

Former die-hard Republican Steven Godby steps methodically through the success of the oligarchy’s 40-year plan to wrest power from We, the People without the people having a clue that it’s happened.

If you think you’ve understood the dimensions of this catastrophe, this’ll clear up several gaps in your knowledge that you didn’t know you had. Brilliantly and simply articulated, this should be at the top of your to be read pile.



Ginger Rankin

“Can you tell me again what got you into this mess?” she asked, like I could even remember my name at that point.

“I was born.” I offered. How does one change a lifetime of being a screwup at every turn? There are ways to stay out of jail but they are not necessarily around when I need them.

When I thought of a happy time though, I thought of the island, where my mother—Angel-whoever—gave birth to me. She was young and seriously “not capable,” whatever that meant.

Dolores’ life has not gone according to plan. If she had a plan. Which she doesn’t. In search of she’s-not-sure-what, Dolores returns to the Caribbean island of her birth and finds much more than she ever thought possible.

Following her entrancing ‘Spice Island,’ Ginger Rankin returns with ‘Grapefruit Parlor,’ revealing once again her talent for beguiling her reader.


YOUR INVISIBLE INHERITANCE - Releasing the Hidden Legacy of Ancestral Trauma

Nikki Mackay

Do you know the stories of who you are and where you come from? Have you walked in the paths of your ancestors?

Who you are is the result of complex layers of energetic influence from people you’ve known and loved, the choices you’ve made, and your family and ancestors. The imprint of their memories flows through your veins and their fight to survive beats in your heart.

Connecting with the stories of those who’ve lived before us and shaped our world is an empowering process in claiming our own life. When aspects of the past are unseen or unacknowledged then the trauma from that past connects to our present and future, entangling us as it reanimates and is re-experienced by us.

Family and ancestral constellation is a therapeutic tool that allows these invisible influences to become visible, be acknowledged, and become whole. It allows us to uncover the hidden historical narrative we unconsciously hold, disentangle ourselves from it, and move forward with our own life. It is the key to unlocking the missing puzzle pieces of who we are.

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WOMEN'S VOICES - Real Stories of Truth, Pain & Survival

edited by Sue Fitzmaurice

For most of history, women’s voices have been missing. And for most of history, women have suffered, often in ways men have not. Women’s Voices is one of an ongoing series of stories of women’s lives, attempting to redress some of the imbalance of the missing voices of history.

In surviving abuse, violence, desertion, divorce, homelessness, and other painful episodes, women are generally less resourced, more vulnerable, less able to access services, and more likely to be judged and ostracised by family and society.

These stories are honest, often revealing truths not previously expressed. Many are raw; all are humble and powerful in the telling. Their strength is in their insight into self-knowledge—not always pretty—and in the commitment to personal growth, and to hope.

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TREE WISDOM and other poems

Anne Margaret Coverdale

“You were so beautiful in the wind today” she said to the trees.

“So were you” they said.

And she smiled.


Anne Coverdale’s poetry is that of the modern and aware woman, attempting to find herself in the way women do: through their relationships with others and with nature. Wisdom of Trees is a truthful, loving, and evocative view, that will bring to mind one’s own innate memories of trees, children, family, and seasons. And you’ll smile.  

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The Smart Seeker's Guide to SPIRITUAL BULLSHIT

Sue Fitzmaurice

Do you roll your eyes at "Be positive!" "Be happy!" and "Just let it go!"? Are you tired of the Universe being responsible for everything? Feel like a failure because you can’t manifest everything you want in an afternoon? Don’t worry, you’re not crazy. You may just be wriggling free from the hypnotic grip of spiritual bullshit. And fair play to you; it can be strangely compelling.


The truth is that the spiritual path is as nuanced and frustrating as it is beautiful and fulfilling. The danger is that as we enthusiastically rush to share our new found spiritual wisdom, we unwittingly pass more and more bullshit around.


So how do you clear the crap off your spiritual path? Join life-long spiritual seeker (and finder) Sue Fitzmaurice as she wades valiantly through a monumental pile of it in search of answers. Packed with insight and more than a few belly laughs, let The Smart Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Bullshit be your life raft and guide.


Dear Seeker, sanity lies within.


Poetry by PM Draper

P.M. Draper's poetry considers the American condition, in all its glorious and sometimes horrifying diversity. From the ravages of gun violence to the plights of aging, Draper's sensitive pen casts a straightforward and elegant light on reality. The best poetry doesn't obscure the grotesque or the truth or the sadness of life behind pretty words, but rather calls them forth into a fresh consideration, with allegory that isn't difficult to grasp but allows us to consider who we really are and what we really believe. You'll want to recite some of these to your friends and family. "Wow, listen to this. This is perfect!" A delightful read that you will come back to many times.

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Sue Fitzmaurice, editor; Patricia Iris Kerins, foreword; Sue Fitzmaurice, Sarah McCrum, Detta Darnell, C. Ara Campbell, Doreen Devoy, Andrea Pollard, Elizabeth Russell, et al, authors.

JOURNEYS WITH THE DIVINE FEMININE is a collection of 24 personal stories of women’s experiences in discovering the Divine Feminine and journeying within to experience it, understand it, and grow from it.


You will see yourself reflected here. You will see paths you didn’t know existed. You even may feel freer to walk some paths you may have been afraid to venture down.


The writers are from Irish, Dutch, German, Scottish, North American, Trinidadian, English, Indian, French, Australian, New Zealand, and New Zealand Maori backgrounds, with combinations of Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Wiccan, Baha’i, and other religious and spiritual practices and traditions. They are writers and artists, therapists and coaches, mothers and grandmothers, academics, yoga teachers, psychics and healers, nurses and salespeople, sisters and daughters.



Rosemary Laberee 

Every minute of every day, an American will develop Alzheimer’s disease. It is disease which threatens to bankrupt Medicare. We do not ask if it will touch our lives. We ask when.


Dementia entered Rosemary's family slowly. It dismantled her mother slowly. There was never a time when she and her siblings knew what would happen next.


Her hope is that this book helps you prepare and helps you cope, and most importantly, that the advice and experiences you read here will help you forgive yourself the things you could not do and be grateful for the things you could.


In between their hallucinations, rage, confusion, grief and psychosis, there may be recognition, gratitude and pleasure. These moments, however flawed and fragmented, truly matter. They are glimpses of the value of yesterday’s sunshine. Seize them and say thank you.

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Sue Fitzmaurice 

After an accidental encounter with “the Marys”, a more deliberate pursuit of the Divine Feminine became inevitable, as the author visits over 40 sacred sites through England, Scotland, Wales and France. 

What had been a delightful introduction though, became a massive soul journey, both dark and enlightening, magical and painful. 

If you’ve decided on a spiritual quest, there are consequences, and it’s not all sweetness and light.

‘The Deliberate Mary Pilgrimage’ introduces you to ‘thin places’ where the veil between this realm and the next is more subtle; to the truth and legends of Mary Magdalene, and the lives and hardships of many of the women Saints; and through the author’s ‘dark night of the soul’, a falling into madness, and a gradual transformation to a new spiritual landscape. 


SPICE ISLAND – Ginger Rankin

Paki and Jerold live on Spice Island where chickens roost all night in the trees and every day is summer. They swim and snorkel and fish for silver jacks in the soft Caribbean Sea that surrounds them. They climb mango trees that are heavy with ripe juicy fruit - good for eating and even better for throwing at their friends in mango fights.  They know where to find mountain springs where the water tastes like sparkling soda and they’ve found the best places to hide in old Fort George where the cast iron cannons still angle toward the sea.

So what is their secret adventure?  Why are they putting together a raft from driftwood and twisted palm fiber? Who is Mr Ready? And what happens when the two eleven year olds find out that the sea is not always their friend?

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PARROT DROPPINGS – A Poor Man’s Poems – Scott Murray

Despite the self-deprecating title, ‘Parrot Droppings’ invites you to share the author’s deep empathy for the plight of the common man and a righteous anger at the excesses of privileged elites, writes Gordon Kerr in his Foreword to this deep and engaging collection of poems and photographs. 

Scott Murray was raised on the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow. He might have been a street fighter but he’s turned out more of a spiritual warrior, with a deep love of nature and respect for all its creatures. Along with his Celtic pride and independent spirit, these form the foundations of his art.

“Like all true artists Scott can help stop time, prompting us to pause and consider our place in the cosmos and our relationship with other realms of existence. Such genius has the potential to draw us closer and live fuller, more meaningful lives.”

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ME IN THE MIDDLE – Mary Louise Malloy

Mary Louise Malloy is the middle of five children. And she has five children of her own. This is her journey from small-town Catholic girl, through marriage, desertion, solo parenting, and creating financial security for her children and herself, within the almost constant context of the Church, its rules, and its own significant failings. This is an American woman’s life, through some of the most significant decades of the United States – the Fifties and McCarthyism, the Sixties with the Kennedy brothers and Dr Martin Luther King Jr, through to 9/11 and Ground Zero. The voice of one woman, who wants to be heard.

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BEACH STONES - Poems from a Wild Greek Island

- Detta Darnell

Rebel Magic is pleased to announce the forthcoming ‘Beach Stones’, first of a series of poetry collections from Detta Darnell, Kefalonian-based English artist, writer and creativity coach. If you’ve ever been to Greece, you’ll recognise at once the joy-filled images of Greek people and island life. Charming and insightful, Detta brings Kefalonia to the page with her unique swathes of love, wisdom and enchantment. If you’ve never been to Greece, let Beach Stones take you there.



In the English winter of 2018, a chance encounter led to an unexpected journey of the heart and soul through more than a dozen spiritual centres in France, Spain and England. Most unusually for a non-Catholic, it became an investigation into the veneration of Mary, the mother of Christ, and Mary Magdalene, which among other things guided me into an internal dialogue about the odyssey of womanhood. It was beautiful and surprising in every way. Journey with me from Dartmoor in the south of England, to the miracle of Lourdes in the south of France, into Spain, through San Sebastian, Segovia, Grenada, Málaga and Montserrat, back through the Pyrenees to Rennes-le-Château, Montségur, Chartres and Rouen, finishing in the heart of the world at Glastonbury in Somerset.

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This book is for business owners and leaders who need more energy, think too much, work too hard and have no time for themselves.

It gives you 6 keys to increasing your energy. You will learn how to:

  • RELAX so you have more energy

  • BALANCE your energy

  • RECHARGE your energy

  • SUSTAIN your energy

  • EXPAND your energy

  • SUPERCHARGE your energy

The book also gives you access to an online course, The 5 Day Energy Challenge, which teaches you how to recharge your energy any time so you can perform at your best, feel relaxed and at ease and attract more business without having to work harder. 


PURPOSE 2 - Making Sure Your Purpose Finds You

- Sue Fitzmaurice

Following on from her successful Purpose – The Elements of Purpose, Sue Fitzmaurice gets into the nitty-gritty of finding and making your purpose happen. Or, more to the point, setting up the right conditions in your life so that your purpose finds you. She begins with what is fast becoming an essential discussion: What purpose isn’t! Sadly, in our haste to abbreviate, simplify, and create a meme for everything, the idea that purpose is simply marrying what you love doing with making a living, is almost completely wrong. Sue responds to the increasing everyday reality that is our deep-seated desire to know why we’re here and what we’re supposed to be doing and goes on to explain the many and varied distractions that keep us from our purpose.

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THE COURAGE KEY - Unlock Yourself from Anxiety and Take Back Control of your Life - Stephanie Renaud 

Anxiety is a part of every human’s experience.


This book is for you if your experience of anxiety is intrusive in your life, you don’t like it, you feel chained to it, and you know it’s possible to change it - you just don’t know how.


This book is for you if you are open to the idea that you are not being told everything about anxiety, that it’s more complex than we are led to think, but that because doctors are experts at medication, and not education, we often leave their offices with a prescription and not much more.



1185. Bishop Hugh takes on the re-building of Lincoln Cathedral after a devastating earthquake, and attempts to calm superstitious town folk among Christian and Jewish communities, some of whom seek to lay blame at the feet of a poor ‘idiot’ child.

1981. Journalist and stay-at-home dad, Pete, tries to get inside the mind of his autistic son, and at the same time, make sense of a chaotic world of riots, assassinations and religious strife. Lincoln Cathedral is the setting for a thrilling story, alongside an exploration of what is real, what can be known, what is Faith, and is there really a God? This fascinating journey of alternating stories weaves real historical figures and events with an exploration of what is possible, of angels, and of saving the Western and Islamic worlds from their own violence and prejudice.

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What does Money want to say to you? When Sarah McCrum asked Money this question, it replied “I want you to love me.” With that, Sarah began a conversation with Money. Love Money, Money Loves You takes you into the heart of the energy of money, giving insight into how it operates behind our physical world. It shows you what happens when you make any financial request and explains why so many people struggle with lack of money. It gives clear, simple guidelines on how to transform your relationship with money so you can be aligned with the way it works naturally, including blueprints for making money. 

Funny, uplifting and enlightening, this is a unique view of money. Learn about the loving energy of money that is there for you, and how to access it. 

PURPOSE - The Elements of Purpose -Sue Fitzmaurice

Sue’s first book about this important topic looks at what Purpose is, as a precursor to getting anywhere close to knowing how to find it.


“In Purpose, Sue breaks down that vague word into practical, logical advice. If there’s a part of your mind that doesn’t believe you have a purpose, it will have a healthy argument here to believe you truly do. Purpose delves into the mind to discover where it may be blocked and how to nudge it forward. Excellent advice and well worth the read.” ~Doe Zantamata, author of Happiness in Your Life


“Purpose is the kind of book you wish you had had when you were starting out in life. Fortunately, it’s never too late to live your purpose. Sue provides us with an insightful as well as inspirational road map for the journey.” ~Eleanor Brownn, author of Mile 9

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BILLOW & BREEZE - A Journey through the Scottish Islands

- Sue Fitzmaurice

Sue Fitzmaurice wangles her way onto a polar exploration ship and sails for ten days through the remote Scottish islands, accompanied by an archaeologist and historian, a naturalist, and an international expedition crew set on providing the adventure of a lifetime.

Join this stunning expedition and discover hidden secrets, the perils of the North Sea, the revelations of Angels, and the centuries of travel of the hardiest and most hospitable sea-faring people.

Sue brings alive the mystery, legend and beauty of the islands of Scotland, and their three millennia of visible history – from Goddesses to Saints to Vikings, from standing stones to round houses, from sea stacks to lochs, from the holy island of Iona to the far-distant Shetlands. Through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, let your imagination take you back in time to more than twenty of Scotland’s most fascinating and faraway islands.

Available in Limited Edition colour photograph paperback, plain text paperback, & Kindle.


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