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Our Services


Our goal in editing your book is not just to check for basics of spelling and grammar, etc, but to help make your book better. We’ll be looking substantially at your structure and style as well, and giving you advice on where you can make improvements.

We have a unique approach to editing.

Most editors charge based on the size of your work, eg. by the number of pages. If your 500-page book comes to us with little or no editing required, we’re going to charge you less than your 200-page book that requires a lot more work.

AND we won’t just send your work back to you after editing for additional work – we’ll be starting an ongoing conversation that will support you through the suggested edits.

Prices are in $US.
For GBP approx. x 0.75
For NZ/Aus approx. x 1.5

Review & Feedback


Whether you’ve finished your book or you’re just starting out,

send us your whole manuscript or your first few chapters and we’ll give you an idea of:

  1. What we think works

  2. What we think doesn’t work

  3. Style advice

  4. Structure advice

  5. Which editing fee range your book fits into

Formatting Only


There are style and formatting requirements to prepare your book for publishing as a paperback and in kindle.

If you don’t require any editing, this fee prepares your book for both of these formats.


Small edit plus formatting


You’ve got a book that’s pretty much ready to go and there isn’t a lot of editing needed.


Moderate edit plus formatting


Needs work. 


Significant edit plus formatting


Needs substantial work. 


Cover Design


We work with an expert cover design company that format publication-ready paperback and e-book covers to our specifications.

Fees vary ranging from $70 to $250.


Upload to Amazon via Rebel Magic


Publishing your work with Rebel Magic:

  1. Copyright remains with the author

  2. Upload to Amazon, for sale to all markets

  3. Pricing set in discussion between you and Rebel Magic

  4. Monthly sales reporting

  5. Monthly royalty distribution

  6. Marketing via Rebel Magic social media (incl email list and followers of approx. 1 million)

  7. Additional paid advertising as agreed

  8. Two-year contract per agreed book



  1. 50% to start

  2. Edit completed and returned to you in 14 days

  3. 50% on completion



  1. We may publish your book to other platforms besides Amazon, eg. Smashwords, Book Depository.

  2. 25% means: 25% of sales profits on Amazon; this will be clear via Amazon monthly reporting.

  3. Royalty distributions (ie. your 75%) occur 30 days following the end of a royalty month.

Rebel Magic Coaching Group

For graduates of the Rebel Magic Writing Course - weekly video conferencing to discuss general writing skills and your writing goals, and to discuss your questions and your writing, with a particular focus on group feedback of your writing.