Rebel Magic Books was started in 2018 by Sue Fitzmaurice. Sue has been a nurse, management executive and CEO, entrepreneur, business consultant, and coach. She is mother to an adult son and daughter, a writer and author, and is now a digital nomad.

Sue has written a novel Angels in the Architecture, two books on the topic of finding your purpose Purpose: the elements of purpose and Purpose 2: Making Sure Your Purpose Finds You. Her travels in the last two years have resulted in The Accidental Mary Pilgrimage, Billow & Breeze - a journey through the Scottish islands, and The Deliberate Mary Pilgrimage. She has edited a collection of women's stories of their personal spiritual journeys with the divine Feminine Journeys with the Divine Feminine, and is at work on several more collections of women's (and men's) stories. 

Sue and Rebel Magic Books are devoted to helping you TELL YOUR STORY, with inspiration, writing classes, and thorough editing and publishing. 

“Cheers to all the Rebels out there who care way too much about Art and Truth and Magic to fall in line with the mundane task of fitting in.” ― Scott Stabile


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Rebel Magic is a boutique publishing house offering experienced

coaching, editing and publishing services for women with a story to tell.



Sue Fitzmaurice, editor; Patricia Iris Kerins, foreword

JOURNEYS WITH THE DIVINE FEMININE is a collection of 24 personal stories of women’s experiences in discovering the Divine Feminine and journeying within to experience it, understand it, and grow from it.


You will see yourself reflected here. You will see paths you didn’t know existed. You even may feel freer to walk some paths you may have been afraid to venture down.


The writers are from Irish, Dutch, German, Scottish, North American, Trinidadian, English, Indian, French, Australian, New Zealand, and New Zealand Maori backgrounds, with combinations of Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Wiccan, Baha’i, and other religious and spiritual practices and traditions. They are writers and artists, therapists and coaches, mothers and grandmothers, academics, yoga teachers, psychics and healers, nurses and salespeople, sisters and daughters.

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MONDAYS WITH MYRTLE – Rosemary Laberee

Every minute of every day, an American will develop Alzheimer’s disease. It is disease which threatens to bankrupt Medicare. We do not ask if it will touch our lives. We ask when.


Dementia entered Rosemary's family slowly. It dismantled her mother slowly. There was never a time when she and her siblings knew what would happen next.


Her hope is that this book helps you prepare and helps you cope, and most importantly, that the advice and experiences you read here will help you forgive yourself the things you could not do and be grateful for the things you could.


In between their hallucinations, rage, confusion, grief and psychosis, there may be recognition, gratitude and pleasure. These moments, however flawed and fragmented, truly matter. They are glimpses of the value of yesterday’s sunshine. Seize them and say thank you.


Our goal in editing your book is not just to check for basics of spelling and grammar, etc, but to help make your book better. We’ll look at your structure and style, and giving you advice on where you can make improvements.

We have a unique approach to editing. Most editors charge based on the size of your work. If your 500-page book comes to us with little or no editing required, we’re going to charge you less than your 200-page book that requires a lot more work. AND we won’t just send your work back to you after editing – we’ll start an ongoing conversation that will support you through the suggested edits.


Rebel Magic's next 10-week live online writing course starts 8 December 2019. 

  • Your writing purpose & making it happen.

  • The 12 mistakes that all new writers make, and how to avoid/fix them.

  • Plot, Characters, PoV, punctuation, "show don't tell" and more.

  • What you should expect from an editor. 

  • Marketing your book.

  • And all your questions answered.

"The best decision I ever made was to join Rebel Magic" Jacqui, Ireland

"no-nonsense, nuts and bolts ‘how to’ of writing ... professional, flexible and inspiring" Andrea, New Zealand

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