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MELTWATER by Suzanne Ashmore

Elizabeth is trying to find herself. With thirteen different ‘selves’ though, it’s a unique and difficult journey.

Her narrator self, Beatrice, helps Elizabeth uncover her stories, revealing a shocking past.

Set against moody New Zealand backdrops of the Southern Alps, the brittle cold of the Central Plateau, and the volcanic slopes of Mt Taranaki, Meltwater is a homage to the power of storytelling.

As Elizabeth’s life is revealed to her, one ultimate mystery persists and she is haunted by this unknowing. Is it too much to hope that this is the story that will finally free her?

Poignant, cruel, yet life affirming; written with lyrical, edgy grace.

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by Sue Fitzmaurice

Do you roll your eyes at "Be positive!" "Be happy!" and "Just let it go!"? Are you tired of the Universe being responsible for everything? Feel like a failure because you can’t manifest everything you want in an afternoon? Don’t worry, you’re not crazy. You may just be wriggling free from the hypnotic grip of spiritual bullshit. And fair play to you. It can be strangely compelling.

The truth is that the spiritual path is as nuanced and frustrating as it is beautiful and fulfilling. The danger is that as we enthusiastically rush to share our new found spiritual wisdom, we unwittingly pass more and more bullshit around.

So how do you clear the crap off your spiritual path? Join life-long spiritual seeker Sue Fitzmaurice as she wades valiantly through a monumental pile of it in search of answers. Packed with insight and more than a few belly laughs, let The Smart Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Bullshit be your life raft and guide.

Dear Seeker, sanity lies within.


Our goal in editing your book is not just to check for basics of spelling and grammar, etc, but to help make your book better. We’ll look at your structure and style, and giving you advice on where you can make improvements.

We have a unique approach to editing. Most editors charge based on the size of your work. If your 500-page book comes to us with little or no editing required, we’re going to charge you less than your 200-page book that requires a lot more work. AND we won’t just send your work back to you after editing – we’ll start an ongoing conversation that will support you through the suggested edits.


Rebel Magic's next 10-week live online writing course starts 11 January 2021 . 

  • Your writing purpose & making it happen.

  • The 20 mistakes that all new writers make, and how to avoid/fix them.

  • Plot, Characters, PoV, punctuation, "show don't tell" and more.

  • Making the ordinary extraordinary

  • What you should expect from an editor. 

  • Marketing your book.

  • And all your questions answered.

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