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Rebel Magic is a boutique publisher offering experienced coaching, editing and publishing services for women (and men) with a story to tell.

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We Need to Talk ~ Suzanne Seifert Groves

“We need to talk.”

Everyone’s nervous about saying it and nobody wants to hear it.

So stop! It’s the worst way to begin a serious conversation, especially when you need something from the other person/s – their cooperation, their agreement or commitment, or to change in some way.

Suzanne Seifert Groves has a 35-year career in communications, and here, in straightforward steps, she provides the ‘difficult conversation’ framework you’ve needed your whole career, and for every personal relationship as well.

How many times have you acquiesced, alienated or just plain pissed off your staff, your partner, your kids, because you didn’t frame things right? We’ve all done it more times than we like to admit.

Along with the practice exercises, you’re going to want to make this second nature, because it will change your thinking and talking around every issue that comes up, and transform every important relationship in your life.


PURPOSE 3 ~ Sue Fitzmaurice

What it is and how to find it.

We all feel more present and life feels more meaningful when we live and act with purpose. Finding it – or more to the point, ensuring it finds you – isn’t a straight road. It twists and turns, and it keeps growing and changing our whole lives.

Here is the ONLY book that explains what purpose IS.

This is the kind of book you wish you had had when you were starting out in life. Fortunately, it’s never too late to live your purpose. ~Eleanor Brownn (with two n’s)

Sue’s unmistakable voice – straightforward and accessible – gets to the heart of this vital topic and provides the best directions for your biggest journey. Purpose Squared is a re-combining of Sue’s two earlier books on the topic, taking the reader more efficiently to the heart of their purpose.

This is a book for life. Come back to it often.

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My goal is to help you write a better book, and help you become a better writer. I want you to learn everything you can, not just about writing, but about publishing and marketing as well. I'll look at every part of your book and give you advice and suggestions for making it better.

I have a unique approach to editing. Most editors charge based on the size of your work. If your 500-page manuscript arrives with little or no editing needed, I'll charge you less than a 200-page ms that requires a lot more work. And I won’t just send your work back to you after editing – I’ll start an ongoing conversation that will support you through editing and re-editing, and on through publication, and hopefully also to your next book. Read more...

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The next 10-week live online writing course starts 8 January 2023. 

  • Your writing purpose & making it happen.

  • The 20 mistakes that all new writers make, and how to avoid/fix them.

  • Plot, Characters, PoV, punctuation, "show don't tell" and more.

  • Making the ordinary extraordinary

  • What you should expect from an editor. 

  • Marketing your book.

  • And all your questions answered.

"The best decision I ever made was to join Rebel Magic" Jacqui, Ireland

"no-nonsense, nuts and bolts ‘how to’ of writing ... professional, flexible and inspiring" Andrea, New Zealand


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