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Rebel Magic is a boutique publisher offering experienced coaching, editing and publishing services for women (and men) with a story to tell.

How to Dress a Trout in a Tuxedo ~ Robin Dragoo

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How to Dress a Trout in a Tuxedo takes a down-to- earth, conversational approach to a topic that is often avoided and even more often misunderstood. With honest, easygoing language, Robin Dragoo takes the reader through her journey with depression, her tribulations, triumphs, and thought- provoking resolutions to bring her closer to the life she chooses. In warm empathetic language, this quirky motivational memoir leaves the reader with a clearer understanding of how depression creeps into life, insidiously invades the mind, and wreaks havoc on the choices people face. For those who find themselves wanting to share their love with someone who has depression, it offers a window into what could lie ahead. 


How to Dress a Trout in a Tuxedo is a beacon of hope and encouragement for everyone associated with depression. Through warm personal stories and wry, humor-infused wisdom, the author conveys first her struggles, then her lessons, through each stage of learning to live compassionately with a disease that takes the lives of so many.


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Do you roll your eyes at "Be positive!" "Be happy!" and "Just let it go!"? Are you tired of the Universe being responsible for everything? Feel like a failure because you can’t manifest everything you want in an afternoon? Don’t worry, you’re not crazy. You may just be wriggling free from the hypnotic grip of spiritual bullshit. And fair play to you. It can be strangely compelling.

The truth is that the spiritual path is as nuanced and frustrating as it is beautiful and fulfilling. The danger is that as we enthusiastically rush to share our new found spiritual wisdom, we unwittingly pass more and more bullshit around.

So how do you clear the crap off your spiritual path? Join life-long spiritual seeker Sue Fitzmaurice as she wades valiantly through a monumental pile of it in search of answers. Packed with insight and more than a few belly laughs, let The Smart Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Bullshit be your life raft and guide.


My goal is to help you write a better book, and help you become a better writer. I want you to learn everything you can, not just about writing, but about publishing and marketing as well. I'll look at every part of your book and give you advice and suggestions for making it better.

I have a unique approach to editing. Most editors charge based on the size of your work. If your 500-page manuscript arrives with little or no editing needed, I'll charge you less than a 200-page ms that requires a lot more work. And I won’t just send your work back to you after editing – I’ll start an ongoing conversation that will support you through editing and re-editing, and on through publication, and hopefully also to your next book. Read more...

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The next 10-week live online writing course starts 10 October 2021 . 

  • Your writing purpose & making it happen.

  • The 20 mistakes that all new writers make, and how to avoid/fix them.

  • Plot, Characters, PoV, punctuation, "show don't tell" and more.

  • Making the ordinary extraordinary

  • What you should expect from an editor. 

  • Marketing your book.

  • And all your questions answered.

"The best decision I ever made was to join Rebel Magic" Jacqui, Ireland

"no-nonsense, nuts and bolts ‘how to’ of writing ... professional, flexible and inspiring" Andrea, New Zealand