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Rebel Magic is a boutique publisher offering experienced coaching, editing and publishing services for women (and men) with a story to tell.

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Guide Sophia Gray~Te Paea Hinerangi

Born ‘on the beach’ in Kororāreka~Russell in 1834 to a Scottish gunsmith father and a Māori princess, Sophia Gray~Te Paea Hinerangi rose from humble beginnings in Ipipiri~Bay of Islands to become New Zealand’s premier Māori guide and the face of New Zealand tourism in the late 1800s. Sophia was world famous for guiding tourists over the Pink and White Terraces, and later for saving the lives of over 60 people when Mt Tarawera erupted, destroying her village and the Terraces forever. Sought after by photographers and artists alike, New Zealand Premier Richard Seddon, in 1901, declared Sophia Gray ‘the most famous New Zealand woman of our time’.

Patricia Colmore-Williams has for many years researched the lives of Ipipiri~Bay of Islands’ most notable daughters; herewith her long-awaited account of Sophia’s life, together with a collection of Sophia’s stories as told in her own words.


Angels in the Architecture ~ Sue Fitzmaurice

1185. Bishop Hugh takes on the re-building of Lincoln Cathedral after a devastating earthquake, and attempts to calm superstitious Christian and Jewish town folk seeking to blame an 'idiot' child.
1981. Journalist Pete Watson wants to get inside the mind of his severely autistic son, and at the same time make sense of a chaotic world of riots and assassinations.

Lincoln Cathedral is the setting for a thrilling story, alongside an exploration of what is real and what can we really know? This fascinating journey of alternating stories weaves real historical figures and events with an exploration of what might be and what might have been.

"Sue's writing is gutsy and authentic, and she weaves a complex and satisfying plot. Images and scenes have remained with me long after reading. Her intellect and delight in language are the guiding forces here." Mary McCallum, Radio New Zealand, Montana-winning author of The Blue.

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My goal is to help you write a better book, and help you become a better writer. I want you to learn everything you can, not just about writing, but about publishing and marketing as well. I'll look at every part of your book and give you advice and suggestions for making it better.

I have a unique approach to editing. Most editors charge based on the size of your work. If your 500-page manuscript arrives with little or no editing needed, I'll charge you less than a 200-page ms that requires a lot more work. And I won’t just send your work back to you after editing – I’ll start an ongoing conversation that will support you through editing and re-editing, and on through publication, and hopefully also to your next book. Read more...

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I am not currently holding writing classes. I am, however, continuing with my writing groups, which meet weekly. 

  • 5-6 members per group

  • An individual group member presents a chapter (or two) each week.

  • Available for all levels of experience.

  • Not genre-specific.

  • The best way to develop your writing skills.

"The best decision I ever made was to join Rebel Magic" Jacqui, Ireland

"no-nonsense, nuts and bolts ‘how to’ of writing ... professional, flexible and inspiring" Andrea, New Zealand


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